City Guelmim

The guelmim is the small town with roads. The guelmim in the Morocco is the capital of the Guelmim-es-semara region. It is situated in the south of Anti-Atlas mountains near the edge of Sahara. It was named by the late King Hassan. It is developing day by day and has changed a lot, it is becoming the best place for the tourist. The airport is also in progress, that will make easy for the tourist to visit this place. This place has something very special that you have not seen in the north of Morocco. The houses over here are made of red clay and enclose with date palm groves. Fruits over here are more fragrant and slow pace of life, you will feel like you are in maiden lands of Africa. In this town, an annual trading camel fair is organized, which is attended by the Regeibat nomads, and the jewelry is created by the artisans of the town.

The place where Guelmim is located, in that area you can sand plains, mountains and the palm groves emerging from the elevated areas. It was created as the trading center of commercial exchange. It is the largest market of camels in Africa.


There so many tribes living in the guelmim, which reveals the culture richness of the country. Over 22 tribes living in the guelmim, a very interesting feature of the country, a culturally diverse community living together with one another. The Guelmim is the place where the patience of tolerating each other and simplicity are given more right over racism and discrimination.

All the tribes have different cultural background, this is just like a jungle rule, but the old mankind has controlled the land and praises their cultural identity.


Food in Guelmim:

You would have a wonderful experience to sit on the carpet and have some food. At breakfast the egg omelette you would never have tasted and smell like this. And it completes with the Guelmim mint tea, a perfect combination.


Souks are the best place:

The tourist who visit here try to capture every moment in their cameras. Best place for adventure hunting, color hunting and smells hunting. All the local people are very good with you, they even pose for you in the sunny morning. The tiny dark lanes of the souks, the fragrances of fruits and vegetable and the small butcher’s stall are all things wroth seeing in the souk.


Camel market:

As you know the Guelmim is the largest market for camels. On every Saturday a market is set, where many people came to buy the camels. One should visit this place, you will find so many camels.


The love of this place is the oasis, it is located some kilometer away from the town, but it is so beautiful and peaceful. It is the place for people who love nature.

The people of Guelmim are living their lives in simplicity, and that is the reason they are happy and satisfied.