Explore Surrogacy Clinics in Nepal This Year

Surrogacy in Nepal has been legalized for childless Nepali married couples. The country has recently been named in the group of jurisdictions which are sponsoring surrogacy arrangements in their premises.

Nepal is a country surrounded by beautiful sceneries and thus people coming here do not only get satisfaction in terms of medical services provided but also they also find a peaceful natural environment here for recovering from their illnessess. Surrogacy clinics in Nepal let couples experience surrogacy arrangements at an ease and with high success rates.

Surrogacy clinics in Nepal provide surrogacy treatments to couples who are unable to conceive a baby who is genetically related to them. A number of intended parents turn towards gestational surrogacy in Nepal as the child born through a gestational carrier is biologically related to commissioning parents. Gestational surrogacy arrangements take place by inseminating surrogate with the gametes cultured in fertility labs by taking them from intended parents. The eggs are taken from the womb of intended mother and sperms are extracted from intended father. The fertilized egg(s) are then transferred into the surrogate’s uterus. Surrogacy procedures are easily available for married as well as single couples at the surrogacy clinics in Nepal.

Gay couples can also opt for surrogacy options in the country without getting indulged in any of the major legal formalities. The undefined surrogacy laws in the country make it convenient for surrogacy clinics in Nepal to start surrogacy and offer services to commissioning parents.

Benefits of Surrogacy in Nepal

Some surrogacy clinics in Nepal have started the venture of keeping a record of egg donors. The profiles of donors and surrogates are matched effectively with the intended parents or gay couples based on their desires for the child.

Surrogacy Cost in Nepal

The surrogacy clinics in Nepal have a lesser cost of surrogacy as compared to other developed countries. The average cost of surrogacy in Nepal approximately ranges from $12,000 to $ 30,000, depending upon the egg donation technique. The cost of surrogacy includes expenses related to the medications, surgical procedures and the payment made to the surrogate.

Surrogacy in Nepal is a good option for couples as a large number of western countries have banned single parents or gay couples to opt for surrogacy arrangements in their countries.

Some surrogacy clinics in Nepal offer the facility of semen shipment which makes it convenient for patients to send semen samples to the country chosen. Gay couples who come to Nepal for pursuing surrogacy would not have to go through tiring visa applying procedure. Visa on arrival facility is all there for such patients seeking surrogacy arrangements in Nepal.

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