How to Cure Broken Tooth and Its Types

A tooth can be cracked due to various reasons like chewing hard food components, injury and overage. Some people grind their teeth at night which can result into broken tooth. These are common reasons of broken tooth. Such type of broken tooth can be cured with dentists treatment. They use different strategies according to breaking intensity of tooth.

Reasons of broken tooth

Causes behind broken tooth may include:

  • Biting or grinding hard food components like ice and candies.
  • People may grind their teeth at night in a pressure which causes damage of tooth.
  • Some harsh injuries like in car accidents.
  • Rapid changes in temperature of mouth which can occur when you drink something hot like tea and then suddenly you take ice shake or something like that which cools your mouth. This thing suddenly changes your mouth temperature which weakens teeth enamel.
  • Teeth may crack due to age factor. Mostly teeth cracks above the age of 50 which restricts for eating strong food.

Types of tooth cracking

There are different kinds of tooth cracking which can be cured differently.

Craze lines

In this type of cracking, crack appears in the enamel. You do not feel pain in this crack. So you do not need to go for dentist treatment. Strong outer covering damages in this craze line.

Fractured cusp

In this kind of cracking, you get minor fracture. Your centre of tooth does not effects due to this damage like tissues and vessels. It does not cause much pain. You can refill it by dentists and get treatment.

Gum line extension crack

This kind of crack affects your gum line. It may be in vertical manner. It may affect your gum line and you may need to extract tooth. It causes pain in gums. You require immediate treatment to cure it at time.

Split tooth

In this kind of fracture, your tooth may be split and separated into two parts in vertical manner. It can damage your teeth and cause pain. This kind of crack starts from gum line and goes upward. You need to get treatment according to its intensity.

How to cure broken tooth

You need to consult with your dentist for treatment of broken tooth. Dentist examines your gum line and check intensity of brokerage. He can make visual examination and use lens for this purpose. He can ask whether you have chewed hard thing or not. If your tooth fully broken then he will use composite resin same as your teeth colour. This will fill your space between teeth. Sometimes you suffer from injury which can damage your tooth. Your tooth broke in this injury which can only be cured by composite resin because their is no base which can be cured just by filling. But in normal crack, dentists fill your tooth. It requires when a small piece of enamel chipped off. This filling can be finished after some years which you need to repair again. In severe conditions of injury, your dentist recommend you for X-ray. This will show enamel condition and dentist will treat you according to damage severity.