What Makes Your Trip in Chbika Memorable

The captivating region of Chbika welcomes tourist with open arms for a trip of a life time. The trip to Chbika was on the visit list for a very long time.

After hearing about Chbika the inner adventurer was eager to experience Chbika, so a trip was planned for Chbika with Chbika weekends. Chbika weekends in development by Orascom offers lucrative facilities to at affordable prices to experience the beauty of Chbika.

Casablanca to Tan Tan: Journey filled with excitement started from Casablanca airport with a flight to Tan Tan region in the west of Morocco. The flight from Casablanca to Tan Tan is about 1 hour 30 mins.

Tan Tan to Chbika: As soon as the flight landed bus was ready to take tourists to Chbika. Chbika is 50km south of Tan Tan. The journey towards Chbika on road makes you feel like walking in the footsteps of ancient travellers through Sahara. One can’t stop watching outside the window for sand dunes and open desert.

Chbika the Wonder Land: In artistic way it is the heaven that is in between sea and desert. Splendid views of western coast and rocky cliffs catch your eyes at first sight. The extilihirating sound of Atlantic Ocean adds to the charm.

Water Sports: One of the most thrilling part about the trip to Chbika is water sports. The adventurer can’t get his hands off the water surfing and fly board. Surfing over the waves of ocean makes you feel out of this world.

Camping of Chbika: The climate is quite mild at Chbika due to the constant breeze from the ocean. The scorching sun don’t haunts tourist for experience in Chbika. Camping was most interesting part of the trip to Chbika. Listening to Berber music and speaking broken French with locals at night with scrumptious “tagine” is the perfect time spend. Tagine is delicious dish quite common in whole North Africa. Tagine is a must try for everyone.

Visit to Oasis of Shbaika: Oases in desert is the rare sight. Boating and spending along the shore of Oases makes time worth spending.

Rocky Cliffs on Coast: The rocky cliffs offers perfect spot for rock climbing. The thrilling rock climbing started with mixed emotions of fear and fun ended up on exciting note.

Fishing: In French locals say “Pêche” as fishing. Fishing in the Atlantic Ocean is filled with fun. The catch for fishing demanded patience and it paid off with a good catch. The fishing instruments are easily available.

Locals of Chbika: Chbika being a small coastal town with just 500 people population depicts architecture of North Africa. These Bedouins with their simple homes makes one fell in love with a simplicity that Chbika offers. The locals are quite welcoming towards tourist.

Atay and Music: Atay is Moroccan tea with mint is amazing in taste. Drinking Atay and listening to Berber music at the shores of Atlantic in Chbika was apex moment trip.

The trip of life time awaits person to get away from hectic life and get submerged in the beauty of Chbika.