Why is Instagram the most popular among travlers, teens and adults?

Social media is all about engaging and connecting with people and statistics shows that Instagram is the best at it. Instagram has more than 500 million active online users and is only just increasing from all around the globe. The number of brands and business accounts including the advertisers is growing by the minute. A survey conducted on the mid-influencers showed 0that 60% people of them find Instagram better than the other social networking sites.

Why is this so?

  • Functionality: Instagram is an extremely handy application to operate and is exclusively only for smartphones only. It helps to transfer photos onto this platform with the feature to immediately edit and post pictures that have just been taken, allowing it to be an in-the-moment type, this especially attracts the users. The never-ending scrolling option is one of the most favorites with new content each time you refresh.
  • Visuals: Instagram is all about visuals including pictures, videos, and boomerangs. Anything with bright colors and images and features is always more appealing to the eyes rather than long written texts and essays. The human nature is to depict, trusting what the eye sees. The entire feed is filled with horizontal pictures and videos which are reduced to the same size, making it even more appealing to the eye.
  • Simplicity: Instagram has not been adding more features and options like snapchat and Facebook have by the passing day. Instagram has stuck to its original cause and the way it had once started. This makes Instagram a simple one. It holds energy that has been lost in almost all the other social media networks as it has been able to attract an enormous amount of youth. 
  • Multiple Features: Instagram offers a higher security level to its audiences. It does allow the use of publically available posts on Twitter and Facebook, yet it has a stronger hold over its spams and tighter personal network. 

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Instagram is not just limited to a single form of function like the LinkedIn, but it offers a platform to many like personal accounts to share your lives with limited followers or make your posts public and allow a wider range of audience to appreciate your work and get inspired.

You can also make brand pages in order to promote your business and Instagram helps promotion by allowing you to post advertisements which would be shown on feeds of Instagram followers. All of this encourages Instagram’s potential user base, attracting more users naturally.

  • Special Features: Instagram has earned the reputation of being a trend-setter. We all want to post Instagram worthy pictures including all the aesthetic features we can afford. Especially when it provides with amazing filters to enhance and edit our pictures and videos, highlighting our best features. It now also allows you to post stories which have different features such as face detecting filters, for example, the animal filters. Instagram stories also introduced boomerang a year or two back which has had all the hype since it had been launched.