Best Mookata Hot Pot Thai Buffet Pattaya Thailand

Best Mookata Hot Pot Thai Buffet Pattaya Thailand

Visiting Thailand can be a memorable experience for a person if you want to enjoy and explore the specialties of Thai culture. Other than the tropical beaches, royal palaces, and temples, Thailand is also famous for its traditional food. 

And while talking about Thailand’s special and traditional food, we can’t forget to talk about Mookata Buffet, which is another specialty of Thailand. Basically, if you don’t know about the Mookata Pattaya, so you can consider it as the combination of Chinese hot pot and Korean barbeque. If you live in Thailand, then you know that this top class dish is very famous, but there are few restaurants present that serve one of the tastiest Mookata Buffet, and Jmookata is one of those restaurants. 

What is the specialty of Jmookata:

There are few reasons present why most of the visitors and local people trust Jmookata and, of course, for their special Hot Pot Thai buffet. Here are some of the special things about Jmookata and why you should visit this place.

Food hygiene is important to offer more value:

Food hygiene is one of the most important factors for a restaurant; therefore, most people prefer to go and eat from a hygienic place. For food hygiene, Jmookata gets five out of five because they have maintained their food hygiene, not only for the eating area but also for the cooking area. Another plus point of this restaurant is that they use only Fresh food items such as meat, seafood, and vegetables. 

All you can eat Thai Mookata buffet for only 149 Baht:

You will find that every restaurant is charging more than 200 Baht for Mookata Pattaya at different places. But at Jmookata, you can enjoy the Mookata buffet only by paying 149 Baht per person. 

Friendly Atmosphere of Jmookata:

The main reason behind the friendly atmosphere of Jmookata is the staff and the decoration of the overall restaurant. And because of this, people feel very relaxed while enjoying their meals at this restaurant, which is making it more special. And it is a sure thing that this is going to be a memorable experience for you because of that friendly atmosphere, tasty Mookata Pattaya, and great plus brand new decorative look of the restaurant. 

What Will You Get In 149 Baht of Price:

Well, there are many things included in this price point, which can be a little surprise for a visitor who wants to visit Jmookata. Here are some of the food items that come at this price of 149 Baht. 

  • Fresh farm pork strips
  • Other fresh meats
  • New Zealand mussels
  • Fresh squid
  • Prawns
  • Unique, delicious sauce dips
  • Ice Cream scoops
  • Multiple Fruits

However, they provide one large tray of prawns, but the best part is that you don’t need to charge extra for it because it is free of cost for a customer. 

When Can You Enjoy Mookata Buffet At Jmookata:

Obviously, if you want to visit this restaurant, you need to know about the opening and closing timing. Right? So, to enjoy the Thai Hot Pot dish called bbq buffet or steamboat buffet, you can visit between 1 PM and 2 AM in a day. And another great thing is that you can visit any day of a week because they work seven days a week.

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