How Does Top Loading Washing Machine Work?

How Does Top Loading Washing Machine Work?

A top-loading washing machine is leading the market when compared to the front-loading washing machine. With advanced developments, high-efficiency top-load washers have introduced that work similarly to front-load washers. So, the top loaders are of two types, which are standard top-load washers and high-efficiency top load washers. With so many designs and features introduced in the top-load washers, the working remains the same for both models. Here we will see the working of a top-load washer in detail.

Working of Top-load washers:

Main Components:

In a top-load washer, there are two main components, such as the control system and the mechanical system. Coming to the control system, it involves the major components such as pressure switch, control boards, timer, the water temperature selector, and finally the lid of the washer. Now, the mechanical system consists of other components such as motor, clutch, water valve, transmission, inner and outer wash drums, suspension system, impeller, and belt. In both types of top-load washers, the user needs to do some manual actions such as selecting the load size, temperature, and cycle selection like delicate, handwash, or rapid wash, etc. Once it is done, the outer drum starts getting filled with water.

Standard Washer – Working:

In a standard washer, the water is filled in the outer drum, and the water floats the clothes by covering them. Ensure that you are not overfilling the clothes, and the agitator moves the water in such a way to rub the clothes against them for removing the stains. 

High-efficiency Washer – Working:

In a high-efficiency washer, it uses less water and does not fill the entire clothes with water at first. Here the agitator draws the clothes into the water for washing, as it is present at the bottom of the drum.

Working of a Motor:

The motor controls the agitator by powering the gearbox, and thus, the agitator moves in one direction. The spinning by water pump motor helps to recirculate the water that contains detergent. Now the water pump motor removes the water by spinning in the other direction. So the working of the top-load washers is very simple, and you have many options to choose the right top load washer, as different manufacturers design different designs.

Electronic Controls:

However, the mechanical part is easy to work; there is a complex in electronic controls. Because when there is a problem in any one of the control parts, you need to relocate with the entire set. So, this is a major drawback in the electronic control system.

Vertical Design of Top-load Washer:

With the vertical design of a top-load washer, it allows laundry product dispensers as detergent or powder or fabric softener. Such dispenser works through gravity and centrifugal force. Here the vertical design makes it simple for removing the water from the machine after washing. Not only for removing, but it also allows water in easily with the vertical design. With the gravity and drain location, the washers don’t hold any water once the washing is over, so there is less chance for mold and mildew odors. 

When you understand the working of the top-load washers, it will be easy for you to diagnose if any problems occur.

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