How to decorate rooms in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

How to decorate rooms in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’


Decorate your island with everything from “Twin Peaks” to Studio Ghibli fantasylands

Go meta and include the Froggy Chair meme on your clothes — Photo courtesy of Corey Barker

To the chagrin of some, video games have become ingrained in pop culture. A Pikachu reference here, a Mario reference there, and soon movies, TV and even books are filled with allusions to popular video game franchises. However, the polarity has reversed. That is thanks to “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.”

As previously reported, players across the globe are creating their personal utopias. Some pop culture-savvy individuals are filling their islands with references to their favorite television shows, movies and even books. Down to the smallest details, it’s easy to surround yourself with your favorite things in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.”

The shirt on your back

Wear your favorite albums (100 Gecs)Wear your favorite albums (100 Gecs) — Photo courtesy of Corey Barker

Clothing can play a vital role in Animal Crossing. Players strengthen bonds with their villagers by giving them gorgeous garments, collecting more clothes can help players earn precious Nook Miles, and the tailor shop on each player’s island holds one of the most heartwarming sets of conversations in the game (be sure to talk to the hedgehogs that run the store daily).

All of this being said, don’t rest on the stylish laurels of the clothing already in the game. Using the Custom Designs (Pro) app on the Nook Phone, players have started filling the game with clothing from all corners of fandom. From the dresses of Disney princesses to the armor of Halo’s Master Chief, it’s all there.

One can’t help but smile when they see their favorite villager sporting a shirt with the logo of their favorite band. Players can even share their custom designs with others across the internet through the game or sites like Nooks’ Island. No matter your fandom, you can be represented.

This land is your land

The tribe has spoken: a "Survivor"-style Tribal CouncilThe tribe has spoken: a “Survivor”-style Tribal Council — Photo courtesy of Corey Barker

The only limit on your island is your imagination. From laying walkways, installing streetlights and even building fountains, players can do it. If you want to get a bit more niche, you can do that too.

Fill your island with vignettes from your favorite television shows or movies. You’re on an island, so what is to stop you from creating your own “Survivor”-style Tribal Council? Nothing. The tribe HAS spoken.

Maybe you’ve been obsessed with “Tiger King.” (Haven’t we all?) You can create your own exotic animal zoo with the available fencing and animals on the island. You can even find Paper Tiger models in Nook’s Cranny to take your Tiger King” dreams to the next level – without the murder-for-hire.

You can go as simple or complex as you allow. One dedicated player even fashioned their island after the crazy bathhouses of “Spirited Away.”

Home is where the heart is

Meanwhile... create your own Black LodgeMeanwhile… create your own Black Lodge — Photo courtesy of Corey Barker

Meanwhile, a player’s home is a blank canvas that they won’t have to wait 25 years to update. You can craft rooms to be anything the heart desires. Go big and bold with a recreation of the Black Lodge from the cult TV show “Twin Peaks.” Let the creativity flow as you outfit a workroom perfect for any “Project Runway” aficionado complete with dress forms and sewing machines (Tim Gunn not included).

Display some of your favorite album art on your wallsDisplay some of your favorite album art on your walls — Photo courtesy of Corey Barker

Subtlety is also an art, however, and some players won’t want to be so overt with their love of pop culture. Music lovers can create a listening room by displaying the artwork of their favorite albums as posters or canvases throughout the space.

Or go meta and include video game-inspired rooms inside your video game house. One player created a room devoted to the popular game Minecraft.

Make it your own

The Custom Design app is the home for all pop cultureThe Custom Design app is the home for all pop culture — Photo courtesy of Corey Barker

So, how do you start filling your island with references to your favorite things from pop culture? The first place to start is by scouring your island’s shops. Both Nook’s Cranny and the Able Sisters carry goods that can be used to create a fantasy.

If players need more than one item, be sure to check the catalog inside Resident Services and eventually your Nook Phone. Players can order multiples of most items.

The kiosk in the tailors' shopThe kiosk in the tailors’ shop — Photo courtesy of Corey Barker

A bit more advanced technique requires that players use their actual smartphones. Download the Nintendo Life app and within the app there is a Nook Life section. This app allows players to scan QR codes that can be found online and upload them to the game. Keep in mind that these patterns cannot be edited and they will require a space of the player’s custom inventory.

Finally, be sure to utilize the kiosk in the back of the Able Sisters’ shop. This allows players to connect to the internet to find patterns for clothes, pathways and even furniture that will allow them to customize almost anything in the game. All of this being said, if players are confident in their design capabilities, the game offers many ways to create.

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